Hey guys! I’m a pretty ordinary teenage girl… and i just woke up one day and thought “hey, im going to write a blog” and so here i am, writing this blog… and there YOU are, reading it.

this is written by a teen girl for anyone… be it boys who want to see what goes through a girls mind, parents that want to know what their daughter is up to, or just us TEEN GIRLS wanting to see the latest on (hopefully) their favorite blog!

im just going to take you through some of the topics that im going to be covering in this blog:

  • Makeup & hair (tutorials, reviews, celeb, products)
  • fashion (trends, DIY, retro, prom/formals/dances)
  • embarrassing (my moments, my friends moments, and YOUR moments published)
  • Ask Moi (ask me about boys, health, friends, parents, fashion crisis)
  • Parents for teens (understanding our parents, arguments resolved, clothes, parties, boyfriends, makeup differences)
  • quizzes (about style, friends, boys, celeb, personality, books, movies)
  • Love and boys (boyfriend, crushes, what attracts us, celebs,)
  • Religion (church, school, friends)
  • WIN (competitions and freebies)

thats all for now… be back soon!!!


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