MY embarrassing moment

once, when i was younger and lived in england, my friends (sisters) were over with their parents (who were friends with my parents)  at my house for a meal… or else thats what i think 🙂 anyway, after the men (that might have never happened) me and my friends went to my room, and got my plastic kitchen set out, to (obviously) play cafe. so i thought it would be really good if we had some real food…

so i went with my friends to the greenhouse… where my parents were growing tomatoes… which weren’t ripe yet… still green. and you can proobably guess what i did next.

being about 5 years old, i picked each and every tomatoe, and then put them all into a big bowl… and went with my friends to serve them to the parents!!!! they will never let me forget that one…


if YOU have any embarrassing moments, post a comment and i will make sure to post it, with a reply from me! also, if you want to get your story in without me mentioning your wordpress name, then send me an email please bear in mind that this is my private email, and i do not take lightly to spam.


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