Understanding parents 

i have a real tough time trying to understand my parents sometimes. At times, i question the most stupidest things do they really love me? Are they my real parents? … i think a lot of teens go though these questions, sometimes even shouting it at parents at times when you just don’t understand their point of view. Elvis Presley (RIP) said these words “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” Which is too true, i think… and i only got that quote from Google! But it isn’t really questionable… of course your parents love you, and want whats best for you. I bet you have heard that before. but here is the thing: your parents are not always right. They want whats best for you, and that’s the reason for what they do or say sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that it is best for you. i have a habit of shouting and arguing at my mum, for example, when she tells me “those shoes are not the right season” or “your makeups too bright” or something like that… but shouting and arguing doesn’t work(as i have experienced about a zillion times) so here is some advice, that might just go through one eye and out the other (well you aren’t listening to this blog, are you?) or it might stick with you… anyways, my advice to anyone who has disagreements with their parents (basically anyone who has parents really) is that shouting and arguing isn’t going to make a difference that will benefit YOU in whatever situation you might be in. so instead of shouting and arguing, listen to what your parents have to say (if it really gets you worked up to listen to them, just count numbers in your head, it is scientifically proven to calm you… jk, i don’t know if it will work for you for sure, but it works for me!) and after they have said all they want to tell you, then CALMLY  tell them that you disagree. tell them what you disagree about, and why you disagree. give them a good reason why you think you are right.

Pretend example:
mum: Your clothes don’t go well together, Amy. I don’t want you to
Amy: shut up mum! YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT FASHION!!!!
mum: you aren’t going anywhere speaking to me like that! You need to fix your attitude, young lady!
Amy: But mum!!!! YOU can’t do that! you always have to ruin my life!
mum: Amy, i have feelings too! Just forget everything i do for you maybe i should just stop! No party, no phone, no perfume, makeup, or new clothes! You are grounded!!!

mum: Your clothes don’t go well together, Amy. I don’t want you to go out looking like that, to be honest, honey.
Amy: I understand where you are coming from, but i disagree. I put this outfit together yesterday, when i was with Lara, and i asked her what she thought. she said it looked really cool mum, and that’s the look i was going for. i saw an outfit similar to it in a magazine, wait a second let me show you…
mum: Its ok, you go out and have a nice time.


what do you think… Parents are impossible to understand sometimes… but trust me, this is the way to get what you want. i would know, i have tried it myself 😉


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