win win win!

You could win a holiday to stay with me in a 4 star hotel for 5 days in Glasgow, £200 spending money AND the super hot date of your choice!

here is a plan of what we are going to do:
DAY 1- we will go to see the movie of your choice, go to a gourmet restaurant, visit the insidethemindofateengirl “HQ” and get you to write a post on the website!
DAY 2- we are going to go to go to a secret destination (cant have loads of girls busting in!) for you to choose a super hot date, and then you and I will go shopping for a beautiful dress priced around £170-£200 (which i will pay for!)
DAY3- on this day we will spend the morning getting dressed up in our beautiful dresses, and then we are going to go to a dance with out super hot dates!!!
DAY4- today we are going to do ANYTHING you want to do in Scotland: visit famous castles like Edinburgh and Stirling Castle, go to have a beauty day at a beauty salon… you name it!
DAY 5- today we are going to have one last date with our super hot dates… this time we are going bowling (dont worry if you aren’t a pro, neither am i!) and then the boys will have a surprise planned for us… finnished off witha gourmet meal for four!!!


HOW TO ENTER- send your name, age, address and telephone number to please bear in mind that this is my private email and i do not take lightly to spam.


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