thanks so much to Sarah who let me use her story!

Everyday, I walk to and from school, listening to music. I have a lot of music on my iPod, and of course I know the lyrics to most of the songs. Music is practically my life. I don’t sing very well, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it. On my way to school, instead of singing it out loud, I mouth the words.

This morning, I was walking to school and I always cross paths with this really hot guy from another school. We usually say a quick hello, and then keep walking to our schools. Today, it was different. He walked a little faster, looking at me really weird. I took out one ear phone to see what it was, when it occurred to me, that I, the worst singer in all of Australia, had been singing ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’, by Taylor Swift, really, really, ridiculously loud. It was only then, that I realized I had walked past three newly deaf primary school kids (my fault), a group of painters, two parents, one elderly man and then this boy.
From now, I’m just not going to listen to this song any more, it’s already off my iPod


Fake Friend

Dear readers,
I have been friends with this girl for 8 years. She is so nice, and caring.. or so i thought. she always calls me silly, which is quite annoying, as i dont always say that she is too serious! i walk to school with her, but last week (the day before my birthday!) when we were walking home, she said some horrible things. she told me that i was “only her friend for walking to school” that i “wasnt really her friend. not like —- was” and then, when i told her how hurtful the things she said were, she just said “You just have a problem with me being friends with other people” 

that was 2 weeks ago. Now, she is trying to be friendly. fake friendly, i can tell it and so can my friends. she has never, NEVER said the words *im sorry* its always me who gets us back to being friends. well, not this time. if she wants to be my friend, she will have to put some effort in. i doubt she will after 2 weeks.


this isn’t really an Ask Moi, its just something thats happened to me, and i’d love some advice on this xxx thanks guys!


me and my bestie arranged to meet up in town (glasgow) tomorrow. i thought i was messaging her when i wrote

“Hey babe you still up for tomorrow? its gonna be real great to hang out just us two in town :))) ❤<3” on facebook.. accidentally i mailed it to my crush from england, where i used to live. how embarrassing.

then when i realized what i had done (cringe) i wrote to him “oh my gosh im so sorry! :S meant to send that to someone else but must have accidentally clicked on you XP”

he must have gotten the wrong idea from the “babe” (its an inside joke between me and my bestie) cos he mailed back 5 mins later writing:

“hahaha no worries! enjoy hanging out with your fella 😉;)

fyi, i have no “fella”. for now, my *boyfriend* is nonexistent. For now..

cant stop laughing about that, so yeah 😉 xxx






FUN-diy perfume

so, here you are, reading my blog cos you have nothing better to do.. right? wrong. here is a tutorial on how to make your own perfect perfume. do you like the smell of ginger and cinnamon? so put them together for a feisty scent.. whichever herbs you choose to use, it will be a great way to spend your time!

what you will need:

  • herbs that smell nice- whichever herbs you want your perfume to smell like go in!
  • carrier oil (if you dont know what this is, search it up, or visit )
  • a glass jar- you will need one for each herb you are using
  • sticky labels
  • a large pot
  • an empty perfume bottle (get very cheap prices from )


  1.  put the herbs you have chosen in the jars. only put one herb in each jar
  2. submerge the herbs completely in the carrier oil you have chosen.
  3. close the lids of the jars and place the jars in boiling water (covered by water, standing in the pan) for 10 minutes.
  4. store the jars in a dark and cool place for 3 weeks
  5. decide on how you are going to combine the different scents.
  6. place a cloth or some kirchen paper over your perfume bottles and carefully pour the desired scents into the bottle to filter the herbs out of the mixture.
  7. label your bottles so that you know which bottle carries which scent.