Fake Friend

Dear readers,
I have been friends with this girl for 8 years. She is so nice, and caring.. or so i thought. she always calls me silly, which is quite annoying, as i dont always say that she is too serious! i walk to school with her, but last week (the day before my birthday!) when we were walking home, she said some horrible things. she told me that i was “only her friend for walking to school” that i “wasnt really her friend. not like —- was” and then, when i told her how hurtful the things she said were, she just said “You just have a problem with me being friends with other people” 

that was 2 weeks ago. Now, she is trying to be friendly. fake friendly, i can tell it and so can my friends. she has never, NEVER said the words *im sorry* its always me who gets us back to being friends. well, not this time. if she wants to be my friend, she will have to put some effort in. i doubt she will after 2 weeks.


this isn’t really an Ask Moi, its just something thats happened to me, and i’d love some advice on this xxx thanks guys!


2 thoughts on “Fake Friend

  1. Well! This happened to me at the beginning of the year, but with more people! I left the group and got away from them. Now, I’m in a group that are the nicest people I’ve ever met and care more about me than the others 🙂 So, just go and make a better friend than her, it can be hard because you’ve known her for so long, but it’ll make her realize she lost an amazing friend.
    Good luck!
    xoxo Sarah

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