thanks so much to Sarah who let me use her story!

Everyday, I walk to and from school, listening to music. I have a lot of music on my iPod, and of course I know the lyrics to most of the songs. Music is practically my life. I don’t sing very well, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it. On my way to school, instead of singing it out loud, I mouth the words.

This morning, I was walking to school and I always cross paths with this really hot guy from another school. We usually say a quick hello, and then keep walking to our schools. Today, it was different. He walked a little faster, looking at me really weird. I took out one ear phone to see what it was, when it occurred to me, that I, the worst singer in all of Australia, had been singing ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’, by Taylor Swift, really, really, ridiculously loud. It was only then, that I realized I had walked past three newly deaf primary school kids (my fault), a group of painters, two parents, one elderly man and then this boy.
From now, I’m just not going to listen to this song any more, it’s already off my iPod


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