my day to town…

so today i went to town with my friend, heather. she is completely awesome ;) anyways, it was really embarrassing. haha, i hope you laugh so that something good comes out of it!!!

my friend came over to my house this morning, and then we walked slowly up to the bus stop. just as we were about to cross the road? we missed our bus. so we waited at the bus stop for 30 minutes.. the bus came! but it had an *out of service* flashing on the screen! :( so then we waited for a while and got on the next bus.

then we went to mcdonalds. my friend had a full tray, whereas i only had one wrapped burger in hand. so she asked me to get her some sauce and a straw. i got a red pack of what looked like tomato sauce. then reached for the straws, but i knocked an old mans food down D: he was pretty grumpy, and although i apologized 20 times and offered to pay for his food, he was too grumpy :\ oops.. then we couldn’t find a seat, it was pretty much the busiest mcdonalds ever! anyways, we ended up sharing a table with some strangers. then it turned out that the red packet i thought was tomato sauce? yeah, it was actually sugar… totally made me feel so good! :L

anyways, here i am at home with a ton of unpacking and christmas wrapping to do… thing is, i forgot to buy christmas wrapping paper.. so just wait, maybe ill get another embarrassing blog out of my next trip to town haha xxx


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