Tumblr.. explained!

So everyone seems to be on tumblr.. so i decided to investigate 😀 in other words- i got bored 😉

I asked my friend Heather what tumblr was, and she simply told me *its blogging* which wasn’t really something i could base a whole blog around. so i asked her what the best thing about tumblr was. she told me *You don’t actually write anything, it’s all pictures*
so is that what everyone is doing? blogging by pictures. what happened to expressing yourself though words?! I know its not the easiest thing to do- to write a whole blog expressing how you feel about a certain thing. but thats the fun of it, is it not?
but everyone seems to be posting things on tumblr! how can you express your thoughts through pictures? what sort of things do people post? why is blogging though photos easier that writing things out?

I was told that you can post “anything and everything!” so it seems its just like a normal blog.. no real restrictions.

i was also told that blogging through photos is easier than writing things because because someone’s already written what you want to say for you.

what do you think about tumblr? personally, i think its taking over the original aspects of blogging and making it into something that can hardly be labeled as blogging anymore!


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