as you might know, im sort of stuck on ideas for what to write about on here.. thats one of the reasons i took down the several different pages i used to have up- i couldn’t get enough blogs done on each page, and i seem to be the only one on the team thats really contributing to the blog-writing! so i was skimming through some other blogs written by teen girls.. and though there must be tons, they are pretty hard to find!!! After a while of looking around google, i found TGF, which stands for teen girl fellowship.

what is tgf
As i have already said, TGF stands for teen girl fellowship. basically its a group of Christian girls all across the globe. they share their needs and prayer requests and also get a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with other Christian girl teens across the world! sounds pretty cool right?
“The ultimate goal of T.G.F. is to glorify God by reaching girls for Christ and training those who are already saved to live a better life for him. This is possible through speaking with other Christian girls, reading encouragement from God’s word and being immersed in a Christian environment.”

how did tgf start?
Originally T.G.F. was started for a website ‘fun’ thing to do; however, it has grown a ton! At first it had 3 members all living very close together, that group would meet and do different service projects. About 2 years later here they are with over 200 members in several different countries. (And counting) They hope that we would glorify God in all we do and that our growth would continue.

how can i join?
its simple! just click here  and theres a quick form that will take you about 10ish minutes- no time at all!
If you become a member of T.G.F., You will receive a newsletter every other month with information of upcoming events, prayer requests, and more. You will receive a confirmation e-mail or letter soon. None of your information will be shown or given to anyone.


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