What are you doing this christmas season?

is it just me, or do you get pretty bored over the christmas season? teachers dont give out as much homework (not that im complaining), i hate going outside in the cold, and most of my friends are busy doing stuff with family! so i decided to put together a list of things you can do this chrsitmas. feel free to comment some of  YOUR ideas, i will welcome them with open arms 😉

  1. make a playlist of your favorite (christmas?) songs
  2. write a song/upload it on youtube
  3. write down your christmas wishlist and decorate it so that it looks nice, and hang it up on your door so everyone knows what you want for christmas 🙂
  4. make christmas cards for everyone, instead of buying cards
  5. make some cool origami chrismas decorations
  6. read some books
  7. write a story on movellas.com
  8. start a blog, or ask a friend if you can post some stuff on their blog
  9. experiment with makeup!
  10. make a collage of christmas things.. or pretty much anything!
  11. play with your siblings
  12. invite some friends over for a board game night and get all your favorite games out 😀
  13. play pranks of your friends/siblings
  14. ask your mum if she has any clothes/shoes/makeup she can give you and experiment 🙂
  15. plan all your outfits for the next week!
  16. get your christmas tree out, and create a little christmas scene with your decorations
  17. make a santa/rudolph/chrismas elf/ twitter account
  18. go on ask.fm and ask yourself questions 😛
  19. do wacky things with your hair
  20. do your makeup ott bright (think capitol citizen) and go to school
  21. buy ice cream and walk around saying *oh gosh, its so hot here compared to Antarctica!*
  22. start using a crazy word like *blob* all the time
  23. go on kongregate.com and talk with people

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