Lace = so totally in!

hey guys! so last saturday i got a dress for my christmas dance, which is a week tomorrow, and today i was just thinking about how lace had been so central for 2012’s fashion. here are a few december lace-inspired trends:


you can wear lace casually for around town like this: 

or you can wear lace formally like this: 


now, on the subject of lace, do you remember when Kate Middleton became a Middleton no more? this dress was awe-inspiring! 

infact, some people would go as far as to say that Alexander McQueen was the one who started the re-birth of lace! Many dresses were produced in the lace- style after Kate and William’s wedding, such as this: , this

and this 


So why is lace so popular? I have no idea.
So i asked some of my friends what they thought about the lace trend.
the first person i asked, replied *(blushes!) whats the lace trend!!!!!!!!* so i explained. after i showed her a few pictures, my friends said *Its too girly for me!!! But its purdy!!!* which i assumed meant pretty…

So i went to the next person who was online on facebook, and asked them what they though about the lace trend.. they said *whats the lace trend???* oh my gosh,  im just sitting here thinking… am i the only one who knows about the lace trend? dont you people have eyes for fashion?!!! im actually getting pretty worried that nobody knows about the lace trend, so im glad at least i can spot it to show you guys!!! so after i explained the lace trend to her, she said *its really nice but not something i could pull off* i completely disagree- anyone can pull off the lace trend!!!

so there was my last chance, my friend Heather.. i asked her *what do you think about the lace trend? i’ve asked two other people, but they’ve said they dont know what it is, so please dont tell me you dont know either* becoming pretty desperate by now.. thankfully, she replied * i completely love lace dresses! i’ve got one from H&M and it only cost £15The only thing is that quite a lot of it is too revealing to be quite honest, but I got a lovely dress It just depends where and how thick the lace is and if the person can pull it off!*

that answered my question why is lace so popular… it must be because it is cheaper material! But then i searched up some other lace dresses… and was disappointed. they all cost £50 or more- which is no cheaper than any other dress!

so here i am again, back to the start, asking myself *WHY IS LACE SO POPULAR* asking my friends what they thought about the lace trend was useless, so i decided to get straight to the point, asking them why they thought that lace was so popular. i got one reply… *I think that lace is popular because alot of celebs are wearing lace.. its just one of those weird trend things…*  so. not. helpful.
so i asked a few people, but again Heather gave me the best answer. she said:

* i think its Because people think it makes them look classy, even though sometimes is doesn’t really makes everyone no matter who they seem classy and elegant, something which most want to be seen as.*

that is a statement which i think everyone should agree with, but whatever the reason may be, Lace is a look that may define the year 2012.



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