Christmas Chick #4 -HAIR

im actually not sure if its #4 of these posts.. but oh well! Basically what im going to base this blog around hairstyles that you can have for any christmas occasion ūüôā

the first look we’re going to be focusing on is the low side bun. since this year buns have been pretty popular, i thought this would be a pretty nice,simple twist of the original! Go for a look something like this:¬†

to be forwarded to a hair tutorial, click here. this is a great look, as it can be worn casually, or dolled up with accessories for a night out!

the next christmas chick hairstyle we are going to see is the french twist. this is a great look if you are wanting to have a classy twist. here are a few examples:  to be forwarded to a hair tutorial click here. this is for sure a hairstyle you should accessorize with diamante hair pins or such.

another lovely hairstyle for this christmas season is the dutch braided updo. it is a very difficult hairstyle to master, so you can either practice it yourself or go to a hair salon and ask for it to be done for you! it is so worth it though- completely beautiful!  click here for a tutorial of this amazing hairstyle!


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