an inspirational and comforting teen mind

hi, its me – Amy back again to write a new blog 🙂 i bet you’ve missed me.. im pretty awesome at blogging! 😉 well, maybe im not that fab, but i love it anyways!

so yesterday, i was searching one of my favorite music groups (paramore) on Google images, cos i want to get my friend a poster, and there were loads of inspirational quotes (mainly from Hayley Williams) which i really liked. and being the literate sort of girl that i am, i decided that i would search up some quotes from my other favorite musical influences, and i wrote some quotes in what i am now calling my ‘ little book of faith and quotes’. in the book i am writing my favorite bible verses and any quotes that stand out to me for my life. i thought that it was quite a cute little idea, so i shared it with my  co-blogger, Sara. she has now got her own little book of faith and quotes 😀 so maybe thats something you can do if you have a little spare time? 😉

then i had a sort of even better idea (its a matter of opinion which idea was better so you can argue it out below in the comments box) which was… to create my own poster of quotes! so far its about an A3 size, but i am aiming by the end of next year for it to become my wall of quotes!!


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