beauty chick #1andahalf – what you think about the flick!

so i had a few mailings from friends about my last beauty chick post about flicks!!!

“Yeh, my eyeliner look is basically everything from Lucy out of Eastenders to Amy Winehouse, love them!”

as the blogger, i think that the flick really is an awesome look, it can be altered in so many different ways! personally i like my eyeliner to be all round my eyes, it makes my eyes stand out much more than normal, though that is not a look i can pull off casually.. yet. (ill tell you all when i find out the secret to a casual flick dont worry)

so i asked some people how often they flash the flick, here are a few answers:

“Once a week usually at least”
“whenever i have the time to be honest!”
“every day.. it would feel weird being out without my makeup and the flick is a necessary part of my daily routine!”

so it seems that everyone has different opinions when it comes to how often you flash the flick! comments are welcomed 🙂


i then went on to ask some lovely teen girls about which products they used:

“Collection 2000 – Fast Stroke, it’s good for very thick in your face lines and strong bold black (it’s the one I usually wear) and then I have MUA which is softer and better for small ‘cute’ flicks.”
“to be honest, (this is really embarrassing!) i just use an eyeliner that i got out of a magazine…”
“oh i have a benefit eyeliner.. its really easy to use, but i have to be honest with you guys, i wasnt too fab when i started out! i just like practice tons and am like a total pro now!”
“i use a technic kohl pencil.. its pretty cheap but does everything that any other eyeliner would!”


here are a few extra opinions that i asked my friends to add in:

“it’s a nightmare when you’re trying to take it off. It’s like glued to your eyelid.”

“i honestly find it easy! just be patient and all that crap.. i mean its good advice, but totally not whats gonna help you stay chilled!”

“for anyone who is having dificulty with using eyeliner, just Lean your elbow up against a hard surface, using your left hand shut your eye closed and hold down your eyelashes and sweep the brush across gently across the lid. Then move your wrist to an angle so that the flick can be done well, then wait for it to dry, a few minutes maybe and then you can fill in any gaps etc.


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