beauty chick intro & update on *inside the mind of a teenage girl*

so you guys know how im doing the Christmas chick series? i thought that i might as well put together a beauty chick series!!! i’m just basically goingto be posting about different beauty products, be it nail art, skincare, makeup products, tutorials… basically everything that comes under the title “beauty” i am hopefully going to put a few new pages to separate some of my posts, as i have been getting a few mails about how this blog is getting confusing- not eveyone is going to be interested in every post,and i do realize this, and am working out how to get all of my posts re-organized! but there does seem to be a massive problem- i dont know how to put different posts into different blogs!!!  anyways,if you are wondering how i am doing this and also still posting my christmas chick throughout the day, its because i have indeed set up some posts to publish later on in the day, so that im not just publishing a pile of posts that you wont be able to read all at once!!

-just keeping it real!


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