budget buy #2 -christmas from tesco

so you know how i did that budget buy outfit from new look about a month ago? well, im going to do one for christmas presents 🙂


under five for her gallery

Unscented ball candles, £3.97

Bridesmaids DVD, £4.75

Ceramic pie bird, £4.97

F&F hand warmers, £5

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick, £5

under five for him gallery

The Simpsons tea mug, £5

Tesco 6-in-1 screwdriver, £3.99

Marmite mug, £5

Rolson LED torch, £4

Red white striped tie, £3

Ear clip headphones, £4.97

under five for teen girl

Dove mini pampering set, £5

Tesco fruity lip glosses, £4

How cool is this glitter lamp, £5

How cool is this mood ball, £5

Pom pom ballerina slippers, £5

under five for teen boys gallery

Mitre rugby ball, £4.96

Bulldog face wash, £4.50

Marvel superhero socks, £2.50

How cool is this echo bot, £5

Striped beanie hat, £5


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