christmas chick #5

so the last 4 christmas chick posts were pretty much all me me me.. and i know thats how most of you guys like it, but dont you think you should try and make this christmas more about others this year? thats what i thought. so here is your christmas chick #5 theme- gift guide for others!!!

for a teen girl: perfumes, clothing, accessories and beauty products.. diamonds aren’t a teen girl’s only bff! teen girls fashion gallery

for a teen boy: i think teen boys are the hardest to buy for- but that may just be cos im a teen girl! here are a few ideas, correct me if you disagree! teen boys gallery


for a young girl: young girls (under 12 years old) are so easy to please! bring a special smile to her cute face this christmas with some of these gifts nightwear galleryyoung girls fashion gallery

for a young boy: you dont have to work too hard to get the right present for young boys (under 12 years old) make this christmas one to cherish with some gifts like these young boys toys galleryyoung boys nightwear gallery

for mum/aunty: it doesn’t need to be hard to get presents for your older female family- just stick to a guide of housewear-fashion and you cant go too bad 

for dad/uncle: is it just be or is it the older boys get, the harder it is to get presents for them? well stick to a guide of silly-joke type presents and im sure you’ll get a thankyou tickle! 

for grandparents: not always the easiest to think, but easy enough to find they will appreciate whatever you get for them Granny & Grandad Chocolate Bar - 30 best gifts for grandparentsPersonalised Oak Cog Desk Tidy - 30 best gifts for men

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