christmas chick #6

its one week till christmas.. so get your beauty plan started!!! 

mask drop inGive yourself your final facial. It may seem quite soon to do this, but two weeks will allow time for any possible reaction to calm down. Secondly, apply your last dose of intensive hair conditioner as this will allow any post-treatment heaviness to disappear.

Along Came Betty Detox Mask Pure Pores, £2.49


lewins drop inDo your pre-party pedicure. Toenails grow much more slowly than fingernails so having a pedicure now will mean there won’t be any visible regrowth. Ensure you keep moisturising your hands and nails, but leave your manicure until a few days before the party.

Dr LeWinns Restorative Anti-Aging Hand & Nail Cream, £26


garnier drop inSchedule in a hair trim for now but save pennies by colouring it yourself. New innovations in home colouring kits mean they can be just as enriching as salon treatments at a fraction of the price. Make sure you do a 48-hour patch test before using any hair colour.

Garnier Olia hair colour, £6.99


loreal drop inInvest in a serum for an extra skin boost before your Christmas party. Apply it underneath your moisturiser. It will help to reduce irregular pigmentation and make skin look more even and luminous.

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Serum Lumiere, £16.66



make sure you have tons of sleepand drink lots of water in the week before the parties kick off to help you look fresh and radiant. Try to stay away from rich food as much as possible to avoid bloating. 🙂


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