christmas chick #10 – 2 day beauty plan

beauty christmas two days hero

From a manicure to fake tan – make sure your prepared for the festivities with our beauty tips 🙂

nail varnishDo your manicure now so you don’t end up rushing the drying time. Don’t forget to start with a base coat, apply two coats of your chosen polish and finish with a top coat, to make it really long lasting. You can apply the final slick of top coat horizontally across your nails to really ‘seal’ in the colour.

Try Revlon’s nail enamel, £6.49.

scrubExfoliate and moisturize your body at least a few hours before you fake tan, so the product goes on evenly and sinks in well. No one wants to look orange, but a light layer of fake tan can even skin tone and give a glamorous golden glow.

Try Calcot Manor body scrub, £3.99

Mousse is really easy to apply if you’re a novice fake tanner. Blend another layer around your outer thighs and between your boobs for a slimming effect. Finally make sure any waxing happens 48 hours before, and any shaving 24 hours before tanning to avoid risking a blotchy finish.



Avoid refined carbs (bread and pasta), ‘windy’ vegetables, fizzy drinks, too much salt and sugar, alcohol and fried foods as these won’t help flatten your tummy for your party outfit.
If you suffer from bloating, drink plenty of water – it’ll stimulate your kidneys and flush out excess liquids.
If you can, forgo make-up for the day, to give your skin a break before the big night out. Apply an eye mask or try slices of cucumber (an old trick but it works) to freshen and moisturise eyes. 



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