christmas chick #8 christmas craft

here are 5 different christmasy decorations you can make easily!


1. Take a pair of matching candy canes and wrap them together at the centre using pipe cleaners.

2. Decorate with boggle eyes, fluffy noses, ribbons and bells (all available from craft shops) and hang on the Christmas tree.


1. Wrap gifts in coloured tissue paper and place inside a round gift box.

2. Layer the top with brightly coloured paper doilies and finish with a bow in a contrasting colour.


1. Make or collect 24 drawstring bags of varying sizes. Cut out the numbers 1 to 24 in brightly coloured felt – alternate your chosen colours. Stitch a number to the front of each bag.

2. Wrap up a little something for each ‘day’ – a decoration for the tree, some spring bulbs to plant in the garden; or a healthy treat perhaps – and put them inside the bags.

3. Use pegs to pin the bags along a length of string or ribbon and hang in a convenient spot in the living room.


1. Draw a christmassy shape onto a piece of card and cut it out.

2. Using a selection of glitter colours, put each shade into a shallow bowl.

3. Cover one side of a snowflake in glue and press into the glitter. Repeat on the second side.

4. Punch a hole in the top of the decoration when dry, then thread pretty ribbon through and hang them on the tree.


1. Cut out two snowman shapes – complete with hat – from a piece of white felt. Stitch the shapes together with blanket stitch, leaving the top open for stuffing.

2. Stuff with fabric scraps and sew up. Cut out a hat shape in red felt and stitch it on over the white hat shape on the snowman’s head. Add felt stripes to his hat and sew or stick on a face, buttons, scarf and pompom.

a little note from me: i do not own the pictures, i was searching online for some christmassy craft ideas to post on here and found these pictures 🙂 

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