christmas chick #13 -9 days to go

honestly? i have lost count of how many christmas chick’s i have written, so im just going to guess that its 13.. feel free to correct me if im wrong haha!
so today i thought about what im going to fill my christmas holidays with, and to tell the truth, i couldn’t think of anything. so, being the typical teen that i am, i searched up on google! and i found a few stuff, so this blog is basically a few christmas chick related things that you can do over these holidays 🙂

CHRISTMAS MOVIES – stay home and watch some christmas movies.. here are a few ideas, but there is usually something on the TV

  1. A Christmas Story
  2. fred claus
  3. miracle on 34th street
  4. A Muppet Christmas Carol
  5. the holiday
  6. bad santa
  7. elf
  8. grounded

MAKE SOME FOOD- if you’ve got time to waste, instead of buying snacks, make them! here are a few links to festive recipes

  1. candied walnuts
  2. Christmas cranberry cookies
  3. Gingerbread Men
  4. Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits
  5. Chocolate Walnut Rum Balls
  6. Christmas Crescent Biscuits

do some christmas crafts! there are tons of ideas on here 

paint your nails christmassy.. check out cutepolish’s youtube channel, she is sure to have something 🙂


thats all for now lovelies! -Sara


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