christmas chick #15

this is going to be a purely curious blog about what people think about christmas. i am going to write my own opinions, and ask some people about christmas and write about what they have said to me.

the first question i am going to write about is “why do we celebrate christmas?”

  • (my answer) i know that Christmas is about Jesus’ birth. there is no other correct answer, in my opinion. christmas carols are worship songs for the Lord Jesus.
  • emmmm, because its an adaptation(BIG WORDS) of a Pagan festival, not because of the birth of Jesus because he was born in march or something..
  • cause its nice to see your family again

excuse me? is it not obvious? CHRISTmas. christmas. Christ. 

the whole meaning of chrismtas is christ’s birth! christmas is a christian celebration of the coming of christ into this world, our God is so great that he humbled himself enough to enter a corrupted world and live in it to eventually die for our sins! and people completely forget about the christ in chrsitmas. its actually so sad! i honestly cant write any more about this…its just unbelievable that people can’t see the Christ in Christmas. i wander what its going to be like when it comes to Easter….


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