chrsitmas chick #14 – nails

so. on my last christmas chick post i mentioned briefly about cutepolish’s youtube site. to be honest, i used to go on it maybe every day or so, trying to perfect my nail art skills. in some senses i have given up, but the main reason i havent been taking as much care of my nails as i used to is because i just simply havent had the time! so after mentioning it on the post, i decided to look at cutepolish new videos, 100% for pleasure, not at all for the blog! and i saw how many beautiful nail art tutorials there were, and simply couldn’t not write about it and share the nail love this christmas season!!! here are a few of my favourites!

1) Thumbnail Moustache christmas tree. this is such a cute and totally festive idea! i completely love it 🙂 click here for a link to the tutorial.

2)ThumbnailSanta and Elf Suit Nails! these nails are absolute genius! i love the idea, its completely original, and the green ones could even be altered for St. Patrick’s day!

3)ThumbnailChristmas Tree Nails they look completely beautiful, and also aren’t too hart to attempt if you’re a beginner!

4)Thumbnail  Holly Nails these nails are definitively not the easiest to attempt, but they are so worth the hard work!

5) ThumbnailCute Rudolph Reindeer Nails are totally something you will want on your nails!

6) ThumbnailEasy Candy Cane Nails pretty easy (as the name suggests) but will totally get people asking you how you did it so well 😀

7) ThumbnailEasy Snowman Nails people will be so jealous of these talons!


so i hope you find this cool- i know i did!!!


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