chrsitmas chick #16 – Christmas embarrassments!

so christmas is coming… and i have seen a few chrsitmas-themed embarrassing moments in the magasines i read, so i decided to write one of my own with some really silly stories!

Amy: “My family was opening presents on Christmas morning, and I ripped open my last one. I started screaming and jumping up and down when I saw the box for a video game system I had really wanted. I looked at my mom, and she had this shocked look on her face, and then she stuttered, “Honey… I’m sorry but that was for Leah!” I was so embarrassed that I had freaked out, and I tried to pretend I wasn’t really disappointed. Worst of all, my sister lives at her college about three hours away, so I didn’t even get to use the present at all!”

Hira: “I was walking to school with all of my friends and they were talking to me, but i wasn’t really listening to be honest, because I was totally eyeing up my crush… out of nowhere, this postbox appeared infront of me, but i didnt even realise- my friends said that they were telling me to watch out, but i decked it in the snow infront of my crush!!!”

Erin: “Every Christmas my piano teacher makes her students play a song at a nursing home, then hug at least three of the residents there and wish them a merry Christmas. One year, after I finished playing and hugging three people, my mom whispered, ‘You just hugged someone’s mom!’ I had hugged the mom of one of the other students, thinking she lived there! I felt horrible!”

Lilly-Rose: “My mum was going to the shop, so I offered to go with her just to check out the fit boy from year 11 who works there! My mum gave me one thing to go and get – yoghurt. I had no idea where it was, so I asked the fit lad and he pointed it out to me. It turned out that the yoghurt was behind a Christmas tree, but I didn’t want to make a fuss so I squeezed behind it to grab a pot. I was just creeping out again, when there was a huge crash – my sleeve had got caught on a branch, and pulled the whole tree down! It fell right on top of me, I spilled the yoghurt, tore my new jacket, and smashed every bauble on the tree! I was so mortified that I ran out crying! Eek!”


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