chocolate and cream… your fashion.

this blog is going to based around cream/brown coloured fashion products- thus the name chocolate and cream 😉 i am going to introduce a few outfits that i have put together, and we’ll just go through it together.

the first outfit i have selected was this: now, for the shoes, i have to say i dont really like heels, and i tend to go more towards wedges- either are completely fine for this look. when it comes to accessories, Gold, cream, white or brown are the only suitable options (in my opinion) so if i were you i’d stick with that. However, where concerned with clothing, this look goes well only in cream colored dresses. depending on how you are going to rock this look, you can wear a biker jacket or a dainty shrug. You should keep your makeup simple- i would advise you to just stick with little use of eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. finnish off this lovely outfit with any shade of red nail varnish. use the picture shown above as a guideline as much as you use my words of advice, this may be an easy look to get right, but it is also an easy look to get terribly wrong.

A Day Outthis is a great look for a party- keep it simple with clothing, but make sure to glam it up with accessories and shoes! i would advise you to apply quite alot of eyeliner matched with brown eyeshadow and mascara, and nothing else but lip balm- you want your eyes and accessories to be the center of attention!

here are a few other ideas i found online. tweed brownyou don't know how lovely you areMy burial outfit


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