Easy holiday craft!

pretty cool, right? i think so anyways. 🙂 i saw this while searching on pintrest for some teen crafts, as i really enjoy crafts.. and i found this! You can use a photo, newspaper cut out, magazine cut out… basically anything! for these awesome pebble thingys.. they make great decorations for your room, and you could even get a stick-on magnet to make it a magnet! 😀


  • you will need: glass bubbles, a chosen picture, clear drying glue, scissors,  and (optional) a stick on magnet.
  1. cut your image to the size and shape of your glass bubble
  2. glue your image onto the glass bubble


if you wanted, you could make this even cooler by:

  1. painting on a border to the glass bubble
  2. using a stick on magnet
  3. use stickers to accessorize it!

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