this Christmas.. remember.

remember God. he was in heaven, perfect, beautiful heaven. he came down into the earth- was born a human, and he lived perfect. he died for you. he died for everyone. remember that this christmas. now, if you have dificulty understanding how amazing this is, and how much God gave up to leave heaven and to come to Earth, here is an idea that you can think of.

You live in a huge Villa in the most expensive part of London. very posh, and pretty much perfect. you see so many people starving, homeless, and being beaten on your way to work. you have the option to ignore their suffering, or open your villa to everyone to use, but you would become homeless if you did this.
you would personally choose to ignore their suffering, wouldn’t you? I know i probably would..

But God wouldn’t. he became homeless for us. he left heaven, and became flesh. heaven was his perfect home, and he came into earth- which is basically a slum.

Jesus was born for you. we celebrate Christ. that’s the whole point of Christmas.. Christmas. forget the tree, the meal, the presents, santa, elves, decorations. strip everything away, and what do you have left? Christmas becomes Christmas.


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