How could someone so hot… used to be so not? -Katy Perry.

Katy Perry over the ages. We explore her dramatic change in style and beauty.


Celeb Transformation: Katy Perry19 years old, Katy’s graduation picture looks nothing like the girl we know and love today!



Katy Perry (as hudson) had a blonde bob-like hairstyle… eww! and her clothes? she wouldn’t be caught dead in them thesedays! Who is this girl?!


 Oh my goosh. Katy.. what were you thinking?!


Now with her beautiful black locks (which suit her way better than blonde) Katy goes girly at the XBox360 release.


Katy starts to experiment with different styles.. thank goodness she didn’t stick to this!
here Katy starts to experiment with her  retro looks.. this is a lovely dress, but i dont think the belt goes at all, and the dress is a teensy bit too short…


Katy rocks a multicolored, sequined kaleidoscope dress that she pulls off with the perfect amount of edge. This is just the beginning of her endless love affair with SPARKLES, and we’re totally onboard!


At the 2008s post-Grammy party, Katy wore a cooler, retro-feeling pale silk dress. This one was also short, and its gigantic ruffle showed Katy wasn’t afraid to take a red-carpet risk.

Katy looks hot, but i wonder if she’s cold in this vintage-y mint-green ruffled romper. Some girls wear their hearts on their sleeves, but now we know where Katy wears hers!


 Did Katy wake up in Vegas the day of the Grammys? This glittery fruit-basket dress is insane, but at this point it’s iconic KatyP.


Does Katy Perry play games? Based on this dress, im going to guess yes — and she wins!


 at 2011 MTV VMA’s Katy is crazy.. but this is normal, and completely respected!

2011 MTV EMA… oh Katy, i hate it but i love it.


Kids choice awards.. i can almost taste the crazy fruity colours that Katy rocks.

dear KP, please go back to being crazy.. this is just freaky.


so i know that 2013 hasn’t even started yet, but i wanted to see what would come up on google if i typed up Katy Perry 2012.. these are the results 🙂

wow.. the last look doesn’t look like KP at all ! 😉


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