remembering tomorrow and forgetting last year!

so here’s for some real deeps stuff.. HOGMANY!!!  (new years)

so you know how usually you make new years resolutions? yeah, those stupid guidline thingays that you never  seem to be able to stick to for longer than 3 days. haha, trust me its not easy. and then once you’ve broken your new years resolution you’re all grumpy and stuff.

been there, done that… i’ve even got the stupid frikkin tee-shirt. so dont question my motives when i say scrap the new years resolution. i know that this new replacement is gonna seem pretty depressing, but it has worked for me for the past few years. here’s what i do:

i make a list of things that i like about me, a list about things i dont like about me, and another list of how i can turn the negative things about myself into positives. then i decorate the lists, and put them up in bold writing on my wall, so that every day i am reminded of them. its important to act on your aims, or you will never learn how to be a better person.

i dont usually do this, but i think its quite a good idea to try out this year: do the list, but maybe you should keep a journal/diary/blog on how you are doing with your resolutions? it will keep you motivated, and you can do this with a friend, or group of friends.. make it into a competition of who can keep their resolutions the longest!


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