my sincerest apologies.

dearest bloggers, i haven’t been blogging since… last week? well anyway, i haven’t been blogging as much as i usually do. and no, its not because i have finally got a life ūüėČ joke! my social life is pretty busy thankyou very much (tonight im going to a friends for tea so that will be awesome…)

but apart from the fact that im a teenager whose social calender is pretty much full, there is one other reason. here goes…


Red because red-hot, and he plays a sexy vampire in being human, the bbc series about a wolf, a ghost and a sexy vampire.
just look at that face:¬†how could someone NOT be obsessed? so, i bet you’re wandering how i came across it, because although i am pretty much also obsessed with supernatural books/movies (twilight, morgansville vampires, shiver-linger-forever-ect, vampire diaries, loving you, vampires life ect) i didn’t find out about Aidan through Becoming human.

it was infact, his role as Kili in the hobbit:¬†(the sexy dwarf in the middle- not that i dont think bofur and bifur are completely lovely, they just aren’t sexy.) so how did i, a hater of lord of the rings, become a fan of the hobbit, and an obsessor over Aidan Turner? well, as i already mentioned i hate the lord of the rings. having seen all three movies thrice each, i have become quite sick of them, and the books just dont look like my cup of tea. now, i know what they say about dont judge a book by its cover, but nobody says anything about dont judge a book by its movie, right guys? so anyways.. here i am hating lord of the rings when i hear that the hobbit is coming out. big surprise, i dont want to go and see it . infact i would much prefer to go and see the nativity, which also stars Martin Freeman, who plays the hobbit in the hobbit. so, my family decides that we are all going to go to the cinema. we take a vote on what we want, and of course everyone apart from me votes for the hobbit. great, im thinking, a whole three hour movie to torture me. just what i need for my christmas holidays. yet, all the way though the movie i had my eyes glued to the cinema screen, and in my head was a chant: “show kili more, omfg i love kili, i want to see kili’s face more.” so when i got home about 10pm i went straight to my room at my grandparents house and went on my phone to see who played kili in the hobbit so that i could see if he was hot.

at the start i actually thought that Aidan Turner was ugly. i have no idea how. but thankfully my views have changed and i think he is a sexy guy. altogether sexy. he is a sexy dwarf, a sexy vampire and omfg he’s going to play Luke Garroway in the movie adaptation of one of my all time favorite books, the mortal instruments! now tell me, how can you not be excited for that??? just because im in a really good, aidan-obsessed mood, here are a few more pictures of that sexy man/dwarf/vampire/pre-werewolf ūüôā

because you’re worth itno.¬†


DIY- its your life.

ok so, today i am going to post about a few different things i found out about while surfing the net for new earrings. as many of you will know, i am slightly obsessed with earrings, and own over 40 pairs. i still know people who own more than i do, so i am allowed to call it “slightly”!

anyway. since i am partially broke (only ¬£10 which i need for school dinners) i thought hey why dont i make my own DIY earings? that would be pretty cool, dont you think? so here are a few ideas and links to tutorials! ūüôā p.s. sorry i haven’t been blogging for the past 3 days… its complicated.

Fabric Button Earrings
A bit of a throwback to the 80s, these cute button earrings can be customized with any fabric ‚Äď to match your outfit or not. All you need is fabric, earring backs, a button cover kit, hot glue, pliers and¬†this tutorial by Casa de Lewis. You may just end up making a whole bunch.

Friendship Hoop Earring
You’ve heard of friendship bracelets, perhaps you’ve even tried making them. But friendship earrings? Brilliant. In this tutorial, P.S. I Made This shows you how to turn a pair of plain hoop earrings into colorful statement pieces. We think these would make excellent gifts for your girlfriends too.

Hammered Metal Earrings
People will be amazed when you tell them that you actually made these gorgeous hammered metal earrings. They do require a bit more work than some, but it’s really very doable following these instructions by My Girlish Whims. The most intense tools you will need are a hammer, hole punch, and anvil.

Prada-inspired Rose Earrings
Some of the standout pieces of¬†Prada‚Äės spring jewelry collection were necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings featuring large resin flowers and crystals. They‚Äôre retro and feminine and surprisingly easy to wear. Learn how to make a pair in¬†this tutorial by Honestly WTF. (Also learn how to make those Dolce & Gabbana pasta earrings¬†here.)

Hex Nut Earrings
Hex nuts are one of the DIY movement’s secret weapons, simply because they have so many uses. You would never guess this pair of dangly earrings were made from hardware store supplies. Letandas will show you how to make them, using just a few basic tools.

number 100!

finally, we’ve made it to 100 posts on this blog! I hope you’ve been enjoying reading my posts ūüôā tomake this 100th post on different from the other posts i have written, i want to write a little about my personal life.
as most of you can guess, i am a teenager. 14 years old to be precise! and, of course, i am a girl. i have no pets, although my brother has a hamster in his room. personally, i wouldn’t be able to live with the smell- eww! but saying that, i did used to have a rabbit, which i got on the 14th of november 2007. she was called Twinkle by the original owner, but i started off calling her twinkle toes, but most of the time she was called twinx. i remember her in loving memory as twinx the wonderful pet, friend and companion. before i started writing my diary, or posting blogs, i would tell twinx everything. i would tell my friends alot of things- but with twinx i felt more¬†comfortable. partly because she didn’t say anything and just listened to me, and partly because i could trust that she wouldn’t tell anyone, or judge me. she died in the summer of 2011.
So, after that i started going to house group (a group for my churches youth) we met up on wednesdays (and still do!) and talked about God-stuff and things that we found difficult in our daily lifes. i fell in love with on of the boys there. Cameron, was his name. well, atleast i thought i was in love. truth to be told i still really like him, although i do not think it is love. it was actually 4 years ago that i first met him and “fell in love” with him.
So. thats all im going to write at the moment, if you like this sort of blog, please do check out my more personal blog:

retro makeup tutorial

hey guys, I’m Hannah Heaton- for those of you who don’t read this blog regularly, i am not the usual blogger, so you might realize that my style of writing is pretty different! So yeah. ¬†im here to do a retro eye makeup tutorial, and to be honest, it couldnt be more simple!!!


  • get some black eyeliner and draw a thin line on the top and bottom of your eyes
  • using a green/blue colored eyeliner draw a thick line on the top of your eyes, above the black.
  • now use the same green/blue eyeliner to draw a thin line at the bottom of your eyes, below the black

optional extras

  • add a brown line using eyeliner/eyeshadow above the thick green/blue line
  • add mascarra
  • add a double coat of the eyeliner
  • using the black eyeliner do a ‘flick’ (there is a tutorial on this in my older blogs)

thanks so much for reading this post- please subscribe to the blog, so much work has been put in to it to make it as good as we can ūüôā

collection 2000 <3

collection 2000 new makeup

hey guys, as you know i haven’t been doing alot of makeup blogs late;y, so today im going to write about (one of my favourite brands) collection 2000’s new makeup range! its really great, as ive gotten to try out a few of the products, here are a few of my¬†favorite¬†products:

first of all, i would like to introduce you to collection 2000’s gorgeous new¬†metallic¬†eye shadow cream- its awesome!

this new eyeshadow is ultra creamy, easy to apply, its a dewy look eyeshadow that delivers a creaseless and long wearing sheen of intense color, and best of all; there are a whoping 6 different colors, so you can get one to match each outfit!!!


“Apply Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eyeshadows onto the lids following the natural contour of the eye. The silky smooth texture doesn’t dry immediately so you can get just the right amount onto the socket, and build up the colour for a more dramatic effect from there. Be careful not to take it too far up towards the eyebrow to avoid looking overdone, and never match your eyeliner with the metallic eyeshadow as the effect will be too over powering: colour clash is key!”

what do you think?!


another of my favorite products from collection 2000’s range is intense color super-soft kohl¬†pencils, they are quite bright, so are more of a night-time makeup. they create a strong line that really defines your eyes, and the super-soft texture makes it much easier to apply and spread for a more cloudy look which will stay for 12 hours! and also, because it is made 50% by¬†moisturizing¬†ingredients (which is really good for your skin) it is waterproof!


“It’s all about creating fresh, new makeup looks this season. Designers at fashion week showcased beautifully defined eyes, so be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment with different coloured liners for different occasions.¬†Collection 2000 Intense Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencils¬†can create clean lines or be smudged on with ease for a carefree, casual look – with colour that won’t fade. Use¬†Love Bird¬†for daytime smoky goddess, or try¬†Peacock Feather¬†for an eye catching evening look.”



 OK, ladies and girls, im afraid thats all i can write for now, if you would like to know a bit more about this new range, contact me through the comments box below, so yeah!
and if you would like me to find out a bit about beauty products/makeup styles/fashion that is in right now, please find a way to contact me through xanga (or write a comment box) and i promise i will write a blog or something about it,
bye for now, thanks for reading my blog, and please subscribe to my blogs if you haven’t already,

im happy cos im blue!

on my last blog, i wrote about the sky in your eyes. but what if you want more than that? what if you want the sky to be all around you. for your whole outfit to be the center of attention- not only your eyes? well, match these up!

blue all over!

  1. hair bow =¬£7.98¬†($13)¬†–¬†
  2. hair¬†extensions¬†¬£15¬†($24)¬†–¬†
  3. NARS eyeshadow¬†¬£24¬†–¬†
  4. mascara¬†¬£14¬†–¬†
  5. shoes¬†¬£17¬†($28)¬†–¬†
  6. sunglasses¬†¬£12¬†($20)¬†–¬†
  7. nail varnish £5

the sky seems to be captured in your eyes.

you are going to a party, and want everyone to look at YOU. you’re meeting with elderly people, and want a mature makeup look. you want to stand out. you are going on a date with your boyfriend and want him to comment on your EYES. well, heres the simple trick- how can you get the sky in your eyes? easy:

sky in your eyes

what colour is the sky? blue. so how do you capture the sky in your eyes? blue.

what to wear… bowling

so tomorrow im going to go bowling with some friends, and i was wandering *what am i going to wear* 
you see, when it comes to bowling, theres no rules, and quite frankly apart from —no short skirts/dresses/shorts— there are no tips when it comes to an outfit to go bowling in. and, as a girl who gets her outfits planned atleast 24 hours before i wear them, i really found this worrying. so i searched up online, and nothing came up. completely nada. and i cant be the only girl who goes bowling and has no clue what is good to wear… can i?

i went bowling alot during spring and summer holidays, but then i could wear my summer dresses- which i am not going to do during wintertime!!! so here we go- the first dilemma blog and its about my own problem!

option 1) i found this vintage image: Sunny Harnett in Bowling Outfit and thought *hey why dont i take an outfit like this and make it modernized with my own closet- and i found a brown pencil skirt, a white long sleved top and a black belt i could use!

option 2) completely casual I'm thinking this could be a good outfit for an Aggie Bowl game. :) and modern. in my closet i found a yellow knit jumper and black skinny jeans, a brown copy of the bag and a black and brown print scarf.

lots of love, hope you like the post!


fashion dilemma…

Just a short post to announce that i’m going to be starting to write regular posts on YOUR fashion dilemmas!

if you dont know what to wear for a date, party, or any¬†occasion, if you dont know how to pull off a specific style/outfit, or really like a style but are finding it hard to find anything affordable… just follow these simple instructions:

  1. figure out what the problem is!
  2. write an email to OR comment your dilemma on this post!
  3. wait until your dilemma is solved.. right on this blog!

dont worry about missing your blog- i will email you the post on your dilemma!

remember- email me or comment your dilemma on this post- im waiting!!!

pretty pink party

pretty pink party

Little Mistress Valentina Cutout Prom Dress

Ola Fuchsia Peeptoe Shoe Boots

Nylon Daydreamer

Bobbi Brown Nail Polish - Pink Valentine

dear darlings, i am going to start a colour trend, so basically over the next week or so, i am going to go off my usual blogging schedule and themes, and i will be blogging about different colour trends, todays theme is quite obviously pink. please comment any ideas for a colour theme, or any pictures you’d like me to use ūüôā xxx