Barry M bold Waterproof gel liner

hey guys! happy new year 🙂 xxx

so this time around, I thought I would do a post on Barry M bold black Waterproof gel liner.

I just got this yesterday, and i instantly fell in love with it! i would recommend it to anyone who uses black eyeliner, its so bold and really makes your eyes stand out!
As it is, you’re probably wandering *its gonna be expensive.. if its that good it has to have a price to it* but here’s the great bit- its only £ 3.99 from Superdrug Here is the link. !! i couldn’t believe it either! i was pretty skeptical, wandering if it was really going to be good enough.. but its just as good as it sounds.. i place my word on it.
It is one of the deepest black eyeliners I have ever seen. It is definitely bold.  Also it is one of the nicest eyeliners in a pencil form I have ever put on, it glides easily along the lids.
As for it being waterproof it is very good, especially for bottom lids, not so much the top as it leaves a very faint line after a couple of hours wear, but you could still use it for the top.
It is cheap and very very very good for the price.

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