Crafts like cardmaking?

to say that i love card making, would be the biggest understatement. ever. card making is one of the crafts that i actually stick by and dont get bored of too easily! but i have got a big box full of cards that i’ve made.. enough to last anyone at least two years! and my mum says that i’m not allowed to make any more cards.. that i’ve got to find another craft to do for the time-being, until i get rid of a few cards. so i am faced with a few options:

  1. give out cards with no occasion. but thats pretty weird..
  2. sell my cards. but i dont think i would do that haha
  3. find another craft.

so here’s what i’m going to do over the next week or so: im going to try out a few different crafts, and then take pictures of the outcomes, and review how good they are for a teenage girl like me.

if you have any ideas of a craft i can try out, please pop it down there in the comments box, or email me


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