tips on loosing weight

so last blog, i wrote a whole full essay-legnth blog on loosing weight! ūüôā this time, however, i’m just going to share a few tips and guidelines that i have found from the internet and family xxx

  • If you worry about your weight you should speak to your doctor for help.
  • Stop adding sugar and salt to your food¬†unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • You can’t lose weight off one particular spot. Doing more sit-ups will not give you a¬†flat stomach. It will just build muscles in that area. You will lose weight off the parts of your body that you are genetically designed to lose.
  • Eat 3 slim meals and 2 slim snacks “not” fattening things¬†(or even better; 5 small/slim meals) a day to keep your¬†metabolism¬†in fat-burning mode.
  • Eat breakfast.¬†If you’re not hungry in the mornings or if it makes you feel sick, only have a little bit and build up to more after a few days. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, and therefore your weight loss. You¬†must¬†eat enough to keep from going into starvation mode while turning up metabolism to lose weight.
  • This is not a fad diet, this is a way of eating for life. Once you’re at your goal weight, you can tone down the intense-exercise a tad, but don’t stop or metabolism rates will fall.
  • Weigh yourself¬†once a week and keep track of your progress.¬†If you weight disappoints you too much — then you can check it the next day or two to see how weight varies from day to day.
  • Go to your local thrift shop and get some 80’s aerobics videos.¬†The outfits are incredibly hilarious but the workouts are great.
  • Make a list of stuff you can do¬†when you feel like eating but you shouldn’t because you’re really not hungry.
  • Eat before you go out and don’t take enough money¬†to buy food while you’re out.
  • Cut out the sugars¬†(no hard/chewy candies, or chocolates pastries/cookies) to avoid your gaining the next 5 pounds.
  • Buy a calorie counter book;¬†the ones that have all the foods and what their calories are. Counting calories can be incredibly detailed, but the book has some great information at the start of the book, or¬†Use an online source like, as an alternative to an actual book.
  • Consume about 1800 to 2400 calories per day, depending on how much exercise you do. Avoid starving.
  • Get some suitable shoes¬†for your exercise.
  • Buy a dress or a pair of jeans¬†that are too small – now you have something to work towards.
  • Avoid buying the problem foods.¬†If you like sugary foods or don’t really eat “healthy”, don’t keep a supply of such junk food. But make some changes and instead of just immediately cutting them out of your diet, eat them in smaller and smaller portions. Try to see whether you can eat small, low sugar and low fat portions, and slowly cut them out of your diet. Replace them with fresh fruits, salad, cucumber, zucchinis, carrot sticks, etc.
  • Don’t eat out of boredom.¬†Find something else to do; like exercise.
  • Drink water or non-sugared tea.¬†You may also want to consider adding plain lemon, limes, or crystal light packets (artificially sweetened mixes) to water, if you do not like the taste of water.
  • Read “Chew On This” or “Fast Food Nation.”¬†You’ll never eat junk food again.
  • Listen to your body,¬†it can tell you what it needs (thirst=water, hunger=small snack) and when it wants you to stop packing in junk, or when you’re full. Don’t eat out of habit or boredom or you’ll gain weight.
  • Get very good at saying no¬†when people (or your own appetite) offer you food that will sabotage your diet. Think of saying, “No!” as a healthier lifestyle choice. That should inspire you to take care of your body. Feed it only when needed.
  • Try chewing sugar-free gum when you get a craving.¬†Many companies are starting to come out with food-flavored gum that really helps to throw a curve in your craving.
  • Link exercise with relaxation.¬†If you are stressed or feeling badly about yourself, go on a long walk or go for a swim¬†instead of crashing and eating¬†a high calorie, non-nutritious/fattening snack.
  • Fitness will pay off in the long run, and it will actually make you feel much better/more satisfied than eating the bad fatty/sugary foods.


  • If you are seriously overweight, you should see a doctor. This ‘lifestyle plan’ is only recommended for girls wanting to lose 10-15 pounds.
  • Don’t expect to lose more than a kilo (2.2 pounds) a week.¬†Any more than that is unhealthy. Having said that, you might just get a lucky week and lose 3 kilos. The next week you might not lose any. Weight loss is unpredictable and very hard.
  • Weight does not all come from body fat, muscle adds in weight as well. Starving yourself will weaken your muscles and destroy/lower your metabolism, thus making you even more unhealthy. Once you come to your senses, stop starving yourself, it will take awhile for your metabolism to recover. Starvation means you would put on a lot of weight very easily when start eating normally for maintenance (when metabolism is lowered your body thinks it is going to die and defends itself by putting on weight at every opportunity).
  • Puberty¬†will cause you to gain weight, this is perfectly normal. Don’t expect to look like a 12 year old when you’re 15. Curves are a beautiful thing.
  • Consult a doctor before starting a diet;¬†doctors will help you to choose the appropriate diet for your situation.
  • Never try to lose weight too quickly.¬†You’ll just end up regaining all the lost weight.
  • Do¬†not¬†get pills.¬†Also everyone goes through a¬†chubby phase¬†it is just a part of growing up!



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