A bad case of fashionpox

i have been diagnosed by a really good friend, of having a bad case of fashionpox. now, what is fashionpox? is it the same as fashion flu? no. its completely different. fashionpox is having nothing outstandish to wear- the only clothes i have in my wardrobe are quite blend-in style. for those of you who dont know me too well- I HATE BLENDING IN.

i take an outfit that is completely in style, and add a twist to it, so that i look original. i hate looking the same as everyone else. i still follow fashion, i love fashion! but when i look in my wardrobe and see that theres nothing original… well, i do a little dying inside.

this is the sort of thing i would wear:  its 100% fashionable, yet it stands out.

now, dont get the wrong idea about my style.. i dont go around looking like this:  haha, no chance! eww, right? what was Cher thinking :S

anyways, i just like to be original. 🙂 xxx


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