what to wear… bowling

so tomorrow im going to go bowling with some friends, and i was wandering *what am i going to wear* 
you see, when it comes to bowling, theres no rules, and quite frankly apart from —no short skirts/dresses/shorts— there are no tips when it comes to an outfit to go bowling in. and, as a girl who gets her outfits planned atleast 24 hours before i wear them, i really found this worrying. so i searched up online, and nothing came up. completely nada. and i cant be the only girl who goes bowling and has no clue what is good to wear… can i?

i went bowling alot during spring and summer holidays, but then i could wear my summer dresses- which i am not going to do during wintertime!!! so here we go- the first dilemma blog and its about my own problem!

option 1) i found this vintage image: Sunny Harnett in Bowling Outfit and thought *hey why dont i take an outfit like this and make it modernized with my own closet- and i found a brown pencil skirt, a white long sleved top and a black belt i could use!

option 2) completely casual I'm thinking this could be a good outfit for an Aggie Bowl game. :) and modern. in my closet i found a yellow knit jumper and black skinny jeans, a brown copy of the bag and a black and brown print scarf.

lots of love, hope you like the post!



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