retro makeup tutorial

hey guys, I’m Hannah Heaton- for those of you who don’t read this blog regularly, i am not the usual blogger, so you might realize that my style of writing is pretty different! So yeah.  im here to do a retro eye makeup tutorial, and to be honest, it couldnt be more simple!!!


  • get some black eyeliner and draw a thin line on the top and bottom of your eyes
  • using a green/blue colored eyeliner draw a thick line on the top of your eyes, above the black.
  • now use the same green/blue eyeliner to draw a thin line at the bottom of your eyes, below the black

optional extras

  • add a brown line using eyeliner/eyeshadow above the thick green/blue line
  • add mascarra
  • add a double coat of the eyeliner
  • using the black eyeliner do a ‘flick’ (there is a tutorial on this in my older blogs)

thanks so much for reading this post- please subscribe to the blog, so much work has been put in to it to make it as good as we can 🙂


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