collection 2000 <3

collection 2000 new makeup

hey guys, as you know i haven’t been doing alot of makeup blogs late;y, so today im going to write about (one of my favourite brands) collection 2000’s new makeup range! its really great, as ive gotten to try out a few of the products, here are a few of my favorite products:

first of all, i would like to introduce you to collection 2000’s gorgeous new metallic eye shadow cream- its awesome!

this new eyeshadow is ultra creamy, easy to apply, its a dewy look eyeshadow that delivers a creaseless and long wearing sheen of intense color, and best of all; there are a whoping 6 different colors, so you can get one to match each outfit!!!


“Apply Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eyeshadows onto the lids following the natural contour of the eye. The silky smooth texture doesn’t dry immediately so you can get just the right amount onto the socket, and build up the colour for a more dramatic effect from there. Be careful not to take it too far up towards the eyebrow to avoid looking overdone, and never match your eyeliner with the metallic eyeshadow as the effect will be too over powering: colour clash is key!”

what do you think?!


another of my favorite products from collection 2000’s range is intense color super-soft kohl pencils, they are quite bright, so are more of a night-time makeup. they create a strong line that really defines your eyes, and the super-soft texture makes it much easier to apply and spread for a more cloudy look which will stay for 12 hours! and also, because it is made 50% by moisturizing ingredients (which is really good for your skin) it is waterproof!


“It’s all about creating fresh, new makeup looks this season. Designers at fashion week showcased beautifully defined eyes, so be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment with different coloured liners for different occasions. Collection 2000 Intense Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencils can create clean lines or be smudged on with ease for a carefree, casual look – with colour that won’t fade. Use Love Bird for daytime smoky goddess, or try Peacock Feather for an eye catching evening look.”



 OK, ladies and girls, im afraid thats all i can write for now, if you would like to know a bit more about this new range, contact me through the comments box below, so yeah!
and if you would like me to find out a bit about beauty products/makeup styles/fashion that is in right now, please find a way to contact me through xanga (or write a comment box) and i promise i will write a blog or something about it,
bye for now, thanks for reading my blog, and please subscribe to my blogs if you haven’t already,

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