number 100!

finally, we’ve made it to 100 posts on this blog! I hope you’ve been enjoying reading my posts 🙂 tomake this 100th post on different from the other posts i have written, i want to write a little about my personal life.
as most of you can guess, i am a teenager. 14 years old to be precise! and, of course, i am a girl. i have no pets, although my brother has a hamster in his room. personally, i wouldn’t be able to live with the smell- eww! but saying that, i did used to have a rabbit, which i got on the 14th of november 2007. she was called Twinkle by the original owner, but i started off calling her twinkle toes, but most of the time she was called twinx. i remember her in loving memory as twinx the wonderful pet, friend and companion. before i started writing my diary, or posting blogs, i would tell twinx everything. i would tell my friends alot of things- but with twinx i felt more comfortable. partly because she didn’t say anything and just listened to me, and partly because i could trust that she wouldn’t tell anyone, or judge me. she died in the summer of 2011.
So, after that i started going to house group (a group for my churches youth) we met up on wednesdays (and still do!) and talked about God-stuff and things that we found difficult in our daily lifes. i fell in love with on of the boys there. Cameron, was his name. well, atleast i thought i was in love. truth to be told i still really like him, although i do not think it is love. it was actually 4 years ago that i first met him and “fell in love” with him.
So. thats all im going to write at the moment, if you like this sort of blog, please do check out my more personal blog:


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