my sincerest apologies.

dearest bloggers, i haven’t been blogging since… last week? well anyway, i haven’t been blogging as much as i usually do. and no, its not because i have finally got a life 😉 joke! my social life is pretty busy thankyou very much (tonight im going to a friends for tea so that will be awesome…)

but apart from the fact that im a teenager whose social calender is pretty much full, there is one other reason. here goes…


Red because red-hot, and he plays a sexy vampire in being human, the bbc series about a wolf, a ghost and a sexy vampire.
just look at that face: how could someone NOT be obsessed? so, i bet you’re wandering how i came across it, because although i am pretty much also obsessed with supernatural books/movies (twilight, morgansville vampires, shiver-linger-forever-ect, vampire diaries, loving you, vampires life ect) i didn’t find out about Aidan through Becoming human.

it was infact, his role as Kili in the hobbit: (the sexy dwarf in the middle- not that i dont think bofur and bifur are completely lovely, they just aren’t sexy.) so how did i, a hater of lord of the rings, become a fan of the hobbit, and an obsessor over Aidan Turner? well, as i already mentioned i hate the lord of the rings. having seen all three movies thrice each, i have become quite sick of them, and the books just dont look like my cup of tea. now, i know what they say about dont judge a book by its cover, but nobody says anything about dont judge a book by its movie, right guys? so anyways.. here i am hating lord of the rings when i hear that the hobbit is coming out. big surprise, i dont want to go and see it . infact i would much prefer to go and see the nativity, which also stars Martin Freeman, who plays the hobbit in the hobbit. so, my family decides that we are all going to go to the cinema. we take a vote on what we want, and of course everyone apart from me votes for the hobbit. great, im thinking, a whole three hour movie to torture me. just what i need for my christmas holidays. yet, all the way though the movie i had my eyes glued to the cinema screen, and in my head was a chant: “show kili more, omfg i love kili, i want to see kili’s face more.” so when i got home about 10pm i went straight to my room at my grandparents house and went on my phone to see who played kili in the hobbit so that i could see if he was hot.

at the start i actually thought that Aidan Turner was ugly. i have no idea how. but thankfully my views have changed and i think he is a sexy guy. altogether sexy. he is a sexy dwarf, a sexy vampire and omfg he’s going to play Luke Garroway in the movie adaptation of one of my all time favorite books, the mortal instruments! now tell me, how can you not be excited for that??? just because im in a really good, aidan-obsessed mood, here are a few more pictures of that sexy man/dwarf/vampire/pre-werewolf 🙂

because you’re worth itno. 


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