UPDATE: old magazines, vlogging and not being on fire.

i have alot to say. so i am going to number it! 🙂 the main things have already been briefly identified on the title, which if you are dumb-ass and dont know what a title is, its that thing above me with the big writing. just go ask your mum.

  1. so we all have that pile of old magazines that we don’t want to chuck out but don’t ever plan on re-reading. well, i know i do! So i went on google on a quest to find some things to do with my magazines! Over the next four days (i am off school) i am going to be writing some DIY WITH OLD MAGAZINES for you guys!
  2. vlogging. video logging? NO- its video blogging! 🙂 so i have finally decided to start my very own video blog!!!! its basically just going to be a random topic every week or so!
  3. not being on fire. hmmm what could i possibly mean by that??? my favorite vlogger; danisnotonfire. if you haven’t heard of him, then shame on you. Please just search him up on youtube and do yourself a massive favor 🙂 you will never be able to look at a banana in the same way, and trust me this is a good thing.
  4. eeek! I’m getting exams in two months!!! so if you thought i was slowing down on my blogging, in two months my blogging will either erupt (me trying to get out of studying) or it will be non-existant (me actually trying to study, but probably failing)
  5. i’m getting a new phone next month! YAAAY!!! so that means that either i will be able to get a wordpress app on it and be able to blog much much more, OR i will not get a wordpress app, but will be so hooked up on my new phone that i cant be arsed to use my computer for wordpress
  6. sorry guys!

so thats the announcements out of the way… a few random things to ask me about:

  • ducks
  • flying in p.e.
  • eyebrow pencil fail
  • tumblr obsessions
  • amazingphil
  • danisnotonfire
  • powerpoint
  • music
  • the hobbit
  • vlogging

yeah… btw, the *a fe random things to ask me about* is going to be appearing in most of my blogs now, as i think this is a great way for me to let you ask me stuff without giving too much away! Just pop a comment down there, asking about any of the bulletpoints, and i will create a blog about them! (i promise) 🙂 love you all soo much xxxx


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