Awesome nail art…

Hey guys! Sooo… since I haven’t been blogging/nail arting recently very much, i thought it would be nice to do that today! Basically, this post is just going to show you a few of me and my friends fave nail arts, and our opinions! Hope you like it!

Designed by Jessielia Lai

Sara: The detail is really nice, but I’m not sure If I would wear it!
Holly: I really like it! Swirly and stuff!!! Soo totally cool… I wanna know how to do it!
Beth: Yeah I don’t really like that one…..

Bride nails

Sara: Thats really sweet! I love this one.. it reminds me of fairys and tons of other things from my childhood!
Holly: Too babyish
Beth: Um… You should get someone else to do this- i feel like all im gonna say is no no no!


Sara: It is nice, but a bit too long for me! If it was without the black bit i would love it.
Holly: Yeah, its nice, but i prefer the psychedelic nail art!
Beth: This one is really nice, i love the little beady-things!

Polkadots and bees

Sara: Dawh! So cute!
Holly: Where are you getting all these from? They are like kids stuff o.O
Beth: I agree with you, Sara, its totally cute, but it is too kiddish for me!
Sara: Ugh guuys wheres your inner child?

Soak-off gel with folk art rose art by J

Sara: Love it! So sweet and sugary!
Holly: Really pretty, but the next nail art I’m gonna choose!
Beth: Oooh, now that is something i really want! Where can I buy?!

Flower Nails

Sara: Ewwwww! too long too long.. thats like gross!
Holly: Ugh. I really like them, Sara!
Beth: eeeeerm… yuck!

nail art: Fairy

Sara:now these are the coolest nails in the world.
Holly: Yes.
Beth: Yes!

so i guess we came to a conclusion! Love em all though… exept from the second last one.. i mean, who would actually wear them?!


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