20 easter holiday ideas!

so we all get those days during the easter (or any other) break when you just don’t know what to do with yourself. so I have decided to make a list of things to do! Remember, this is just as much my list as it is yours!!!

  1. Stay in your PJs all day watching your favorite movie/tv show!
  2. Go to breakfast with a friend. Friends and pancakes make life so much more happy!
  3. Write letters to five different people you haven’t spoken to for a while. Include a photo, a fun recipe clipped from a magazine, or if it’s a grandparent, your latest art project or writing assignment. They’ll love feeling included in your life.
  4. Deep clean your room. Make it fun — set up a laptop on your bed and pop in a movie. Have a tall glass of juice, soda, or hot chocolate sitting by to reward yourself for progress you make every few minutes!
  5. Clean out your closet.
  6. Take naps. You’re a teenager — you need a lot of sleep.
  7. Cook dinner for your family.
  8. bake a cake, or any other dessert, and invite friends over for a girly chat!
  9. have a sleepover!
  10. Read through a book of the Bible. Choose a book you’ve been wanting to read and tackle it over some hot chocolate during your break. Choose a version that is easy to understand, like The Message or theNew Living Translation.
  11. Learn something new. Learn how to crochet, embroider a hand towel, make fondant cakes, sew a blanket, play a new song on the piano, bake a pie from scratch, ect.
  12. Invite a friend over for pedicures. It’s spring … almost flip flop and sandal season. Polish up those toesies!
  13. Call up a friend and get day passes to your local gym. Have fun working out, using their pool, and taking a class.
  14. Have a themed movie night with friends complete with two or three movies to match the theme and snacks too.
  15. Make ice cream floats out of all different kinds of sodas — grape, lemon lime, orange, cola.
  16. Head over to a thrift store and challenge yourself to put together an entire outfit for $_____ or less.
  17. invite a friend over and do some aerobics! It will be a complete laugh, and you can reward yourself with a low fat smoothie!
  18. Take a day trip with your friends or family to somewhere an hour away, just to explore new sights.
  19. Go shopping.. duh!
  20. make a scrapbook of you and your friends! Get them to come over to contribute with any photos that they have!

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