Don’t drink the kool-aid!

Thanks to its waxy nature, lipstick is possibly the melt-iest of all the makeup, thus making it a lousy option for long-term wear in the summer, not to mention horrible for carrying around in your beach bag all day. But if you can’t bear to give up your bright lips at the beach, LA-based makeup artist Nico Guilis, who’s worked on Dree Hemingway, Bar Rafeali and Poppy Delvingnehere’s, has a genius DIY tip for you: Try a Kool-Aid stain. Yes, really.

“The Kool-Aid stain is amazing because it has truly long lasting wear but is also inexpensive and a fun thing to try. Because it stains you don’t have to reapply,” Guilis told me. “It’s what women used to do in the 1950s–I love a good vintage trick.” (FYI, Kool-Aid was invented in the late 1920′s. Who knew?)

To get the look: You put a tiny amount of Kool-Aid powder (any of the reds or pink or orange…but be careful, it’s bright!) into a small cup. Put a tiny amount of water on your finger and rub the Kool-Aid on your lips, then use a Q-tip to clean up the outer area and rub it in. You can keep layering to make it darker.

Bonus: Instant beverage if you get thirsty!


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