make that blemish channel Marilyn!

If you get a blemish in the summer–which is a common thing due to increased sweating, using more powder to stop that sweating, and buckets of sunscreen–your first inclination is probably to spackle that thing with concealer.

Makeup artist Robin Black, who is also a photographer and runs the gorgeous siteBeautyisboring, has a more glamorous cover-up option for you.

“Let’s say, while getting ready for a pool or beach party, you notice an unwanted friend popping up on your cheek. Just reach for Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in Espresso and color a small dot over the blemish,” Black said. “He or she–the sexy summer fling you will definitely meet that day–will be intrigued by your Marilynesque mole and slightly confused (you are mysterious and ever-changing) when it’s missing the next time you meet.”

There’s photographic evidence (above) that Marilyn moved her mole around, so you’re in good company. Disclaimer: This probably won’t work if the blemish is on the tip of your nose or the middle of your forehead.


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