DIY lip photoshop!

LA-based Aussie makeup artist Napoleon Perdis –who’s been in the business for almost 20 years and has two different makeup lines–has some pretty unique ideas about makeup. (Seriously. He totally blew my mind a few months ago when he said you should always apply mascara first.)

Tinted balms and sheer lipsticks are your friends in the summer, but Perdis had another idea for really perking up your pucker.

When you look at the natural color of your lips, you’ll notice that they have a specific skin tone in the middle and a lighter “halo” around the outside. That halo is what Perdis wants you to capitalize on and highlight in the summer. “Line your lips with a white liner and blend it in [to the center of your lips],” Perdis said. “Then tap some gloss on top of it. It’s divine. It’s instant Photoshop.”

I was skeptical but tried it with a white eye liner I had lying around and my go-to NARS Pillow Talk pink lip gloss and it looked fantastic–glowier and brighter. Plus the liner acted like a primer to keep the lip color on my lips longer. Just please don’t walk out of the house with just white lip liner on. It’s creepy.


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