DIY Infused sugar

Fancy sugars!

Ok.. woah. Who ever knew that fancy sugar would become a thing? Certainly not me, anyhow! But here we are, and this definetly is becoming a thing!

and its so easy to make… here are the super simple steps:

Fancy sugars!

  1. get a small glass/jar and pour some sugar in to it!
  2. choose a flavour- you can go for lavender petals (2 tsp), orange/lemon/lime zest (dry overnight before adding to sugar), rose tea (or any other nice flavoured tea)
  3. mix the sugar with your flavour, and pop some clingfilm over it, and leave it for about two hours to absorb the flavour
  4. sprinkle over fruit, or anything else you would usually use sugar with!

Fancy sugar + grapefruit = ammmazing!



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