Lipstick? Its not just for lips, you know.

So, i found out an awesome trick the other day while getting my daily makeup on.. and its been hidden from me for all these years. What if lipstick was multi-functional. What if you could use it to boost colour elsewhere than just on your lips?

Well.. i was thinking the other day, what if? And then it struck me. When you are testing a lipstick, you pop some on your hand, don’t you? and you rub it into the skin to see what effect it has. Well.. what if you tried this same trick, with a natural pink lipstick, but on your cheeks? I tried it myself, and here are the results (pictures from me and my friends)

if you rub the lipstick in properly, it will not have the glittery shimmer that most blushers have, and will give a lovely, sophisticated look to your makeup routine!


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