The gardelia


Simple. Sometimes, simple can be beautiful. Like when you wake up in the morning, throw on some comfortable clothes that you like and look in the mirror, and smile. Or like when you look outside your window, and like what you see because you can’t change it anyway. Sometimes, simple is what you need.


In life, you can often find yourself in a place where you’re stressed, and you start to lash out on the people you love. But the onles who mind dont matter and the ones who matter dont mind, as the infamous Bernard M. Baruch puts it. The people who stick by you end up either being your family, or your best friends. Its in the midst of all the craziness of life that you find your simple place. The place where you can be a gardelia.


That takes me to the next place.. the gardelia. Above this writing you’ll find a picture of a beautiful, simple white flower. Look at it- it’s beautiful because it’s simple. What would it take for you to be that gardelia? The cliché motto of many is that less is more. But perhaps the sea of repetitive magazine titles has a hint of wisdom in it. Perhaps


Now, to the part I bet you have all been waiting for- its all fine and dandy for me to talk about the deep simplicity of a perfect life; but how can you channel that into your closet? I hear you, believe me it’s been something that has been challenging me alot recently. I guess, as in life, fashion comes with territory, and territory changes like the chapters of a book. As you keep moving forwards, you change, and as the world moves forwards fashion changes. But the simplicity of fashion, where you will find the place that people will admire you- its where you feel most comfortable.
For me, I wear wedge shoes with trousers or converse with dresses. For my close friend, its all about the pretty tops. From one girl obsessed with her hair to another that falls head over heels for a bag, we all have the things that we are most comfortable. Fashion comes and goes, but the simplicity of a personal style is something that gains admiration.


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