Things aren’t always black and white


“Looks like you’re clued in” I turn around as I hear an older woman speak, fingers crossed she was talking to me. I’m wearing black skinny jeans, a black and white patterned top with black heels, and of course, my monochrome polkadot parka. Giving her a confused look as I figure out she was indeed talking to me, she begins to explain how she “read an article in the newspaper just this morning; it had pictures in it of models you see, all dressed in erm.. what do you call it..” I chuckled, suggesting that the word she was looking for was monochrome. And surely, looking down on my outfit, I had unintentionally dressed up in an outfit which screamed out; 100% monochrome. It had just been my mood, but my mood aparantly was clued in to what the world sees as being in. So my tagline today for all you budding fashionistas: intuition will never fail you


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